Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire Extinguisher Service and Feature Comparison

Fire Suppression Features The Fireball Traditional Fire Extinguisher
Weight Light weight and Portable (2.87 lbs) Heavy and semi-portable
Packaging Decorative spherical design Only red industrial steel
Installation and Location Installed anywhere; can sit on table or be mounted on ceiling or wall (mount included) Only wall mounted
Usage Auto and Manual features. Can be used by anyone who can throw a ball, including kids and elderly. Only manual spray. Must be trained. 
Operation Activated only by the touch of a flame Must be used by Trained people with strength to use device
Rate and Direction of Spray Instantly and Uniformly Sprays 360 Degrees Pull pin, squeeze trigger, aim and sweep. Single point of 10 degree angle.
Alarm Feature Built in 86 dB Alarm No Alarm
Contents 94% Pure Dry Chemical Powder 25%-40% Sand, 60%-75% Dry Chemical Powder
Automatic Response Time 1.0 - 3.5 seconds Not applicable
Effective Range / Coverage 90 cubic feet, or 12+ feet from Fireball 90 cubic, narrow stream, pressure in can to 10 feet
Safety Distance None required for automatic use, but always use caution when throwing ball into fire User must be near fire to use traditional fire extinguisher
Recalls Never Recalled Recalled for hurting or killing user, power clogging, and handle breaking off
Environment Impact Environmentally Friendly Not Environmentally Friendly
Warranty 5 year limited warranty 1 year limited warranty
Expiration / Shelf Life 15+ Years Refill and maintain annually, replace every 5 years